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6th Annual Best of Raw Award

6th Annual Best of Raw Award
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September 8, 2016

Fabulous Living Oatmeal

This is the BEST oatmeal we've ever tasted. It's nothing like cooked, mushy oatmeal. The texture and flavor are fantastic. Delicious and nutritious!!!! A nice hearty breakfast when you are craving something more than a smoothie. Sticks to your ribs AND energizes! Great way to send your kids off to school!

November 19, 2011

Cranberry Nut Muffins

These scrumptious muffins are awesome this time of  year. They can be frozen and popped in the dehydrator to warm as needed. The mixture can also be made into a lovely cranberry nut bread and served with a drizzle of raw honey.

June 6, 2011

The Cafe - REVIEWS

RT's Online Cafe is Now Serving Gluten Free Treats.  We periodically add new items, so check in every now and then to see what is being offered. Our new "snack pack" packaging  is available. I don't have new pics posted yet, so most of the cookie photos are not indicative of the actual size. New packs contain 6 bite sized cookies in a resealable bag. Great to add to lunch bags, or pack when you are on the go. If you have tasted our treats and would like to provide feedback...PLEASE post below! Thank you!

June 3, 2011

Veggie Pulp Burgers With Wasabi Guacamole

Don't know what to do with all of that juice pulp? Here's an easy fix to that problem. Only thing missing in this photo are the broccoli sprouts, and maybe a slice of raw bread.  I plan on freezing anything that is left, which makes last minute dinner prep super easy. Just remove from freezer and let defrost, or pop in dehydrator. Cut up some fresh veggies, a nice salad, sprouts and you have a feast!

March 25, 2011

Oats - How to Sprout

I use sprouted oats in the preparation of breads, crackers, cookies, cereal, cakes, etc. There is a lot of confusion with regard to raw oats in particular. I'm going to post the information I've found to be most helpful and hopefully save you some of the frustration I encountered.

March 24, 2011

Popped Amaranth Breakfast Blend

We have become serious fans of popped amaranth. After posting the Amaranth Breakfast Pops a few days ago, we had leftover popped amaranth, so I created this delightful breakfast blend and we've been loving it! Great to pack ahead if you are traveling! You can add it to your favorite granola recipe as well.

February 12, 2011

Cookies For You. NEW - Mint Chocolate Chocolate Chip

Delightfully decadent, these Chocolate Chocolate Chip cookies are touched with a hint of mint in both the cookie and the chips! I'm not a real mint person, but I'm loving these cookies.

February 8, 2011

Veggie Pot Pie

Creating a raw version of comfort food is always fun for me. Baked Macaroni and Cheese was one of these, and now, Veggie Pot Pie. I still need to do a little work on the crust and will update that as soon as I figure it out, but the filling was de-lish. Serving the filling over spiralized zucchini would be a fabulous option!

January 22, 2011

Tip for Making Sprouted Oat Flour

*Tip: After your oats are sprouted and dehydrated, store them in the freezer prior to grinding. I find this makes grinding them into flour much easier. It also keeps the grains cooler, so they don't heat as much during the grinding process. 

January 5, 2011

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

Okay, these are not something I'm going to snack on ever day, but, what a tasty treat! Gotta let yourself indulge once in awhile! Right? They are also a great dessert to make for non-raw foodies who would probably never know they are raw!

You all know how much I LOVE *Medicine Flower raw, organic extracts. Feel free to use whichever vanilla extract you like, but I swear the combination of the maple syrup and the MF vanilla, makes these cookies taste like they were made with BUTTER!!! What flavor!!!

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