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              The Test System is a cost-effective digital-analog hybrid test system to high accuracy, high speed, high stability and maneuverability characteristics won customers, can be used for AC-DC, DC-DC, amplifier, power amplifier, motor drivers and other types of analog circuits.

              ·CTT3280 Test machine CTT3280 is a high-performance test machine which is used for power semiconductors discrete devices. ...more...

              ·CTT3600 Test machine CTT3600 is a high performance test machine which tests power device. There are 000V/50A, 2000V/100A,...more...

              ·CTA8280 Test machine CTA8280 is the second generation digital-analog hybrid test machine, which has maximum current of 10...more...

              ·CTA8200 test system CTA8200 is a cost-effective digital-analog hybrid test system more...

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